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CO2 is a highly corrosive gas containing impurities that affect its thermodynamic properties. This means that CO2 compressors have to be large, powerful machines with the potential to handle more pressure than regular air compressors. While compressed air is harmless, carbon dioxide is a harmful greenhouse gas and its presence in enclosed spaces can be a health hazard.

Carbon Dioxide Compressor

co2 compressor

A carbon dioxide compressor is a mechanical device that compresses carbon dioxide. The operation of this device depends on inlet temperature and pressure. Both of these factors change the density of carbon dioxide and can affect the performance of the compressor.
The mechanical design of a CO2 compressor includes a rotor and an impeller. The rotor is supported by journal bearings. The rotor is surrounded by journal bearings and an impeller. The rotor is connected to the motor through a coupling. The rotor and impeller work together to increase the pressure of the gas.

The use of compressed air versus the use of compressed carbon dioxide

Another major difference is the air and carbon dioxide used in compression.
Typically, we use compressed air to power air tools, convey materials, operate brakes, and more.
Instead, we compress carbon dioxide to move or store it. Once compressed, carbon dioxide carbonates the beverage and creates an inert atmosphere in a specific process. Alternatively, it can be a raw material for chemical reactions.
Careful handling of carbon dioxide is essential for environmental protection. Earth Day 2022 — and an expanded Earth Month in April — shed light on efforts to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Some CO2 producers have reused or captured CO2 (using CO2 compressors). Most of the others have been releasing it into the air. Due to environmental concerns, taxes and increasingly stringent regulations, carbon capture has emerged as a sustainable and lower-cost option. And compressors need to be installed where CO2 needs to be captured.

Features of Co2 Compressors

High working pressure

The internal medium pressure structure is convenient for shell design.

Resistant to large pressure difference

2-stage compression distributes differential pressure and compression loads.

Small size and light weight

Due to the internal medium voltage structure, the shell wall is thin, providing a compact concentrated winding motor.

Minimize noise and vibration levels

The compression mechanism adopts a 2-cylinder structure in which the two cylinders are opposed to each other at 180 degrees, and the torque is equalized with that of the double rotary compressor.

co2 compresor

Application of carbon dioxide compressor in life:

Beverage Industry

Natural Gas Industry

Brewery Industry

Natural Refrigerant Industry

Food Industry

Beverage Industry

Safe and efficient CO2 compressor

CO2 compressors are essential for transporting carbon emissions. This corrosive gas must be handled safely and efficiently. Therefore, CO2 compression technology is specifically designed to handle its high corrosiveness. Choosing a compressor that can handle carbon dioxide safely and efficiently is important to the safety of your operation.
The design of CO2 compressors is very complex. When choosing a model, the following factors must be considered: safety, maintenance and overall machine complexity. Incorporating these factors into the design process will ensure safe and efficient operation. In addition to safety, consider overall power consumption.
During the design process, it is important to consider the rotordynamic stability. This factor is difficult to determine and may be difficult to properly balance the axial force of the compressor. This is why sufficient margins must be incorporated into the design process.
CO2 refrigerants are becoming more and more popular in the refrigeration industry because they have better performance than other refrigerants. While the critical temperature and pressure of CO2 are not perfect, the world’s leading compressor manufacturers are investigating various ways to improve the performance of CO2 compressors. The technology is expected to lead the refrigeration industry in the future.

CO2 compressors are designed for reliability

Reliability is an important factor when looking for a CO2 compressor. This compressor is designed for reliable operation and should be highly reliable and durable. It should also run quietly with minimal noise, vibration and pulsation. A reliable compressor will help keep the system running safely and ensure user comfort.

Compressors designed for reliability have a variety of features to help ensure high performance. This includes open impellers, closed impellers, single pinion rotors and bull gear rotors. The rotor is supported by tilting pad journal bearings with squeeze film damping. These features ensure high rotor stability. The rotor is also equipped with thrust bearings that support the rotational speed of the impeller.

Mechanical performance testing is an important part of compressor design. This test determines whether the CO2 compressor will operate in a stable manner. Compressors with integral geared centrifugal impellers are very reliable and efficient and can handle high pressures. Also, this type of compressor is very energy efficient and helps save energy.

High-quality CO2 compressors can handle a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Its high temperature rating, low kinematic viscosity and low thermal conductivity make it the best choice for refrigeration systems. The design of the device makes it possible to reduce the size of the compressor and the entire refrigeration plant.

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